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EvaKool Fiberglass Coolers

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The EvaKool  Portable Fiberglass Cooler provides the perfect solution to your outdoor lifestyle needs. Since 1994, EvaKool has been making coolers serving customers worldwide. Due to an extensive knowledge of keeping things cold, EvaKool is able to deliver coolers that are the longest-lasting, highest-performing, and best value anywhere on the market. Due to the confidence they have in the reliability of their coolers, EvaKool is able to offer an industry-leading five (5) year warranty on their fiberglass coolers. With multiple sizing options, we’re confident that we have the right EvaKool fiberglass cooler choice for you.

Each of the fiberglass coolers comes with a wide array of features that make them some of the top coolers on the market. The fiberglass cabinet protects your cooler from all kinds of damage while reflecting sunlight. Combine this with the best quality insulation, and these coolers have the capability to keep ice for up to an amazing 15 days (depending on size and temperature), meaning you’ll only need to fill it up with ice once for the whole week. The material on your cooler will not rust or corrode, ensuring that it looks brand new even after years of hard use and the drainage plug provides cleaning convenience. Also, the fiberglass coolers are guaranteed not to take on those unwanted odors from past food or drink. For portability, the coolers are designed to be incredibly light-weight, so you’ll be able to take it everywhere and the thick lid is built to be sat on if you’re in need of a chair. For whatever cooler needs you may have, an EvaKool fiberglass cooler will meet them for a long time.

  • Superior Insulation:

    Can keep ice for up to 15 days depending on size and temperature which gives you the luxury of only needing to fill your cooler up with ice once for the week or weekend excursion

  • Glossy Exterior:

    The glossy fiberglass cabinet reflects sunlight helping keep things cold while also adding style to your cooler


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