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GR8-White Accordion Gangplank


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Introducing the Gr8-White Accordion Gangplank. The number 1 accordion boat ladder on the market today! The Gr8-White Accordion Gangplank sets the standard for today’s boat ladder with its sleek design, light weight construction, and ease of use. The Gr8-White Accordion Gangplank was designed to make exiting to the beach from your boat a breeze. Simply attach your Accordion Gangplank to its mounting brackets, extend, and off you go. The ladder’s UV stabilized PVC covered steps assure a safe, slip free decent to the beach.

Why choose the Gr8-White Accordion Gangplank?

-7 step, 5 step, or 3 step fully anodized Marine Grade Aluminum expandable ladder

  • Weight of 7 step Gangplank is 15lbs (6.8 kg)

-UV Stabilized PVC covered steps

-Designed to work with vessels with a hull height up to 70 inches.

-Effortless set up and removal for a clean sleek bow profile when the ladder is not in use.

-Easily folds into a 16”x14”x16” cube for easy stowage when boat is underway or not in use
(7 step ladder)

-Maximum Weight Capacity of 300 lbs (136.4Kg)

Included with your Accordion Gangplank:

-2 Marine Grade Electropolished 316 Stainless Steel mounting brackets

-2 Quick Release Pins with Stainless Steel lanyards



Number Of Steps

7, 5, 3

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