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GR8-White Insulated Stainless Steel Beverage Bottles

$5.50 – $8.00

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Our oceans make up 70% of the earths surface and plastic is killing our ocean and sea life. Don’t settle for an inferior water bottle! The Gr8-White Insulated Stainless Steel Bottles are not only eco-friendly but their cool shape, variety of sizes and tops make it easy to switch from plastic bottles and save our oceans and money too!

-BPA Free and Taste-free

-Large opening for easy cleaning and for adding ice

-Durable Food grade stainless steel and insulated to keep your beverage cold for hours without the dripping condensation of most stainless steel bottles.

-No plastic coated lining

-Fits in most car cup holders

-Curvy bottle shape for easy grip

-Top shelf dishwasher safe

-Leak proof construction


Lil Squid 8oz, Ray 12oz, Tarpon 16oz, Mako 20oz

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